So you want to learn to fly. Due to the inherent risk involved, this is something you probably won’t be able to teach yourself. This raises the obvious point of just how important it is to have a well-qualified flight instructor. At Due West Aviation, our number one concern is your safety. Not only will safety be a constant, real-time, focus during your training, our goal is to make safety YOUR goal for the entirety of your aviation experience.

The flight-training industry has a bad habit of hiring low-time flight instructors who lack experience in “real-world” flying. Many of these instructors are there to simply build time towards furthering their own aviation careers. The good news is they are willing to work cheap. This means the flight school can charge you less. Good news? Do you really want to save money on a flight instructor? Obviously just paying more doesn’t make the difference. The difference comes from experience. While our flight instructors have logged thousands of real-world flight hours in commercial and military aviation, they have continued, throughout their careers, to provide flight instruction out of a passion for safety, teaching and the thrill of flight.

We want to make your flight training experience safe, effective and enjoyable. We have over fifteen years of doing just that for the students who have come before you.

For information about becoming a pilot, please visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s website at:

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