Cross Country to Moab Utah

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One of our student’s favorite cross country flights is from Eagle (KEGE) or Aspen (KASE) to the Canyon Lands airport (KCNY) near Moab, Utah. These photos were taken by one of our instructors while on a flight with a student (aka, Baron Von Cairo Lopez) from Aspen. In case you are interested, rental cars are available at KCNY for the 18 mile drive to Moab for lunch.

About an hour out of KEGE or KASE, deviate south off the direct routing to KCNY and follow the Colorado River towards the town of Moab. You will fly through the Castle Valley and have a spectacular view of the Fisher Towers to the south. These photographs were taken on the return trip:

return trip

Being sure to maintain the requested minimum altitudes over national parks, at the southwest end of  the Castle Valley (before the Colorado River crosses Hwy 191) turn northwest towards  the Canyon Lands airport and you will be flying over Arches National Park. Turn south, again towards the Colorado River and follow the river towards the confluence of the Green river and you will pass Corona Arch to the north of the River. To the right of the arch, you will see the railroad tracks emerging from a tunnel and joining the Colorado River a short distance down the tracks.

corona arch

For approximate locations of the above images, see this excerpt from the Denver VFR Sectional.

Denver VFR Sectional